Simple Tips To Avoid Hernia Pain

The combined factors of muscle weakness and strain in adults often lead to hernia. Depending on its cause, a hernia may be formed quickly or might take years to develop. Upper thigh, groin areas and belly button are the most common places for the formation of hernia.


Mostly, hernias are not life threatening but they should be diagnosed and treated immediately to avoid any further complications.

Medical meshes today are one of the most common of the treatment procedure for curing abdominal hernia. It is a thin, light, web-like sheet which is created from the surgical grade plastic. Although initially it was considered to be the perfect alternative to the traditional ways of hernia  treatment, there have been numerous adverse reports associated with it.

The most common complications reported to the FDA include:

  • Pain in the neighboring region of the hernia
  • Severe yeast infection
  • Recurrence or relapse of hernia
  • Adhesion of the mesh
  • Obstruction in the bowel or intestinal region
  • Perforation of the organs

Hernia Surgery Recovery

A healthy lifestyle and dietary habit is equally important apart from the medicines to help to prevent the chance of recurrence of hernia. To help fasten the surgery recovery time and get hernia pain relief, here are a few tips the patients can follow:

  • Keep a pillow within reach to use it whenever it feels
  • Wear a little extra sized cloth or expandable attires to avoid restriction around the operated area
  • Take stool softener before and after surgery so to avoid any strain while having a bowel movement
  • Practice walking and moving straight and upright
  • Avoid lifting all sorts of heavy items


The following brands have been tagged with allegations of introducing potentially harmful devices by hiding the potentially harmful side effects linked with them:

  • Ethicon
  • C-Qur
  • Atrium
  • Physiomesh

If you might have been victim to the faulty mesh implant and are looking for hernia pain relief, speak to your health provider first to understand what complications are causing you the pain. Do not ignore any symptom of unnecessary bleeding or infection as they can be from the mesh implant.



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