What Complications Affect After Hernia Operation

Prosthetic mesh is frequently used to reinforce the repair of abdominal hernias and it is widely popular all across the globe. The benefits of mesh for reducing the risk of hernia recurrence was what initially promoted as the reason for their popularity. There were other traditional ways used for the hernia operation but with the meshes in picture, both the doctors and the physicians found it to be an effective and safer option.


woman sitting on the bed with pain

Like any other operation, patients expect the operation to correct their hernia issues after undergoing a mesh implant. But not all patients have a successful implant surgery. They suffer from a variety of complications.

Let’s have a brief look at what are the major health issues reported to the FDA after hernia operation from surgical mesh.

  • Adhesions – scar tissues are formed between bodily tissues which results from trauma. If they are not treated timely, adhesions can lead to chronic pain, digestive problems, infertility
  • Mesh-related infection – profound bacterial infections around the surgical mesh can be hard to cure and may require additional surgery. Research showed hernia mesh infection rates as high as 8 percent.
  • Bowel obstruction – a blockage of either the small or large intestines is a dangerous obstacle linked to hernia mesh demands immediate treatment and can constrict blood flow
  • Hernia mesh migration – Mesh devices can unexpectedly separate after surgery, migrating inside the body, resulting in infection, fistulas, abscesses, and raising the risk of organ perforation
  • Bowel perforation – this occurs when the mesh erodes through the organ walls and tissues and creates a puncture in them. This has often resulted in peritonitis and sepsis which is a life-threatening blood infection.
  • Mesh rejection – Materials and coatings used in hernia mesh products can set off the immune system to create an inciting response as it attempts to refuse the mesh.
  • Fistula formation – this occurs when a weakened, damaged or inflamed organ rows into an abnormal connection or passageway to adjacent structures

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