Hernia Pain And Ways To Get Relief From It

Medical meshes are one of the most common treatment procedures for curing abdominal hernia. They are thin, light, web-like sheet made from surgical grade plastic. These meshes were thought to bring hernia pain relief than when treated with traditional surgical procedure.

Hernia occurs generally in adults and is seen in both men and women. Depending on the cause, a hernia may be formed rapidly or might take years to develop.

Complications stemming from hernia meshes can be really dangerous and even at times life-threatening. They should be treated immediately to avoid any sort of further complications.

Initially, the meshes were considered to be the perfect alternative to the hernia treatment, but there have been numerous adverse reports associated with it.

Young man sitting on bed at home touching aching back

The most common health issues reported to the FDA include:

  • Pain in the neighboring surgical region
  • Adhesion of the mesh
  • Obstruction in the bowel or intestinal region
  • Perforation of the nerve walls or the organs
  • Severe yeast infection
  • Recurrence or relapse of hernia

Easy tips for patients to follow

A healthy lifestyle and regulated dietary habit is equally important apart from the post care medicines to help to prevent the chance of reappearance of hernia. To help speed up the surgery recovery time and get hernia pain relief, here are a few steps the patients can follow:

  • Keep a pillow within reach and use it for support whenever it feels
  • Wear extra sized cloth or expandable attires to avoid any friction with the surgical area
  • Take stool softener before and after surgery to avoid any tension in the bowel movement
  • Avoid lifting the heavy items unnecessary
  • Perform walking and moving straight and upright

Which brands have been named in the lawsuit?

The following brands have been named with the accusation of causing harmful health effects or are potentially linked with resulting in serious hazards. The manufacturers who concealed the side effects and released their products are mainly:

  • Ethicon
  • C-Qur
  • Physiomesh
  • Atrium

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