Why Victims Are Filing For Hernia Mesh Lawsuits?

Surgical hernia mesh is used as a medical patch to support damaged and weakened tissues which come out as what is generally called hernias. Its main purpose is to provide scaffolding so that new tissues can grow and strengthen the weakened area.

Unfortunately, this amazingly popularly hernia treatment procedure however was soon known to be linked with plenty of complications. The victims of the health hazards filed for hernia mesh lawsuit and claimed for the monetary awards for their pain and suffering.

hernia mesh lawsuit

Dangers of hernia mesh

Not every hernia mesh poses a serious threat. The main factor what led to the complication is the use of  polypropylene (a type of plastic) to make the mesh. Although manufacturers warn against using polypropylene in any application which involves the permanent implantation in the body, the quality has not always been maintained. After some red flags were raised, some of the manufacturers started coating on their polypropylene meshes to create a barrier between the plastic and the organs. But then these composite meshes did not prove any safer than uncoated ones, and in fact some of them were even more dangerous than the previous sets.

In the hernia mesh lawsuit, the patients claimed about how these unhealthy and inherently defectively designed meshes caused them undue pain and suffering.

Health complications

Polypropylene meshes begin migrating when the plastic erodes and causes serious complications. The material can cause damage to any organ it comes into contact with and the following are the most common health issues:

  • Mesh adhering to bowels
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Development of autoimmune disorders
  • Renal failure
  • Formation of fistulas
  • Sudden loss of teeth
  • Meshoma, which is bunching up of the mesh into a hard formation
  • Liver abnormalities

Revision surgery following hernia mesh failure

If any hernia mesh fails to work as intended, the patient generally needs revision surgery. A revision surgery follows the initial mesh implant surgery to cure any complications that might arise. Although a second surgery is generally done among hernia mesh patients whose purpose is to fix injuries and problems caused by the failing hernia mesh product.

The revision surgery of recalled mesh products is, as understood a complex process. This is because the surgeon has to open up the abdominal area (or the groin area) in order to reach each of the identifiable pieces of mesh away from the organ and surrounding tissue causing complications. The most unfortunate part of the process is it might take more than one chance to clear all the debris.

What can you get in the claims?

It should be understood that every personal injury lawsuit is different and the amount of compensation one is entitled depends on the details provided in the claim. If a lawyer sues a hernia device manufacturer on behalf of a claim holder, they base how much to seek based on the following factors, such as:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost wages due to illness
  • Reduced capacity to earn
  • Pain and Suffering

In 2017, several class action claims were formed against the major surgical mesh manufacturers. These cases are still awaiting some form of judicial order. But back in 2011, C.E. Bard announced they would settle hernia mesh claims for $184 million dollars.


Don’t Ignore These Symptoms. You Might Need An Immediate Legal Help!

hernia mesh complications

Hernia mesh surgery can lead to extreme side effects and complications. Don’t ignore a chronic pain or an infection, as they can be signs of hernia mesh complications. There can be more complications like perforated intestines, abdominal wall tears, hernia recurrence, nerve entrapment and buildup of scar tissue which need immediate medical assistance as well as legal help. You may contact Hernia Mesh Online for free evaluation to claim for your sufferings. We are available on http://www.herniamesh.online or at 1(855)631-2643.

What Complications Affect After Hernia Operation

Prosthetic mesh is frequently used to reinforce the repair of abdominal hernias and it is widely popular all across the globe. The benefits of mesh for reducing the risk of hernia recurrence was what initially promoted as the reason for their popularity. There were other traditional ways used for the hernia operation but with the meshes in picture, both the doctors and the physicians found it to be an effective and safer option.


woman sitting on the bed with pain

Like any other operation, patients expect the operation to correct their hernia issues after undergoing a mesh implant. But not all patients have a successful implant surgery. They suffer from a variety of complications.

Let’s have a brief look at what are the major health issues reported to the FDA after hernia operation from surgical mesh.

  • Adhesions – scar tissues are formed between bodily tissues which results from trauma. If they are not treated timely, adhesions can lead to chronic pain, digestive problems, infertility
  • Mesh-related infection – profound bacterial infections around the surgical mesh can be hard to cure and may require additional surgery. Research showed hernia mesh infection rates as high as 8 percent.
  • Bowel obstruction – a blockage of either the small or large intestines is a dangerous obstacle linked to hernia mesh demands immediate treatment and can constrict blood flow
  • Hernia mesh migration – Mesh devices can unexpectedly separate after surgery, migrating inside the body, resulting in infection, fistulas, abscesses, and raising the risk of organ perforation
  • Bowel perforation – this occurs when the mesh erodes through the organ walls and tissues and creates a puncture in them. This has often resulted in peritonitis and sepsis which is a life-threatening blood infection.
  • Mesh rejection – Materials and coatings used in hernia mesh products can set off the immune system to create an inciting response as it attempts to refuse the mesh.
  • Fistula formation – this occurs when a weakened, damaged or inflamed organ rows into an abnormal connection or passageway to adjacent structures

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Simple Tips To Avoid Hernia Pain

The combined factors of muscle weakness and strain in adults often lead to hernia. Depending on its cause, a hernia may be formed quickly or might take years to develop. Upper thigh, groin areas and belly button are the most common places for the formation of hernia.


Mostly, hernias are not life threatening but they should be diagnosed and treated immediately to avoid any further complications.

Medical meshes today are one of the most common of the treatment procedure for curing abdominal hernia. It is a thin, light, web-like sheet which is created from the surgical grade plastic. Although initially it was considered to be the perfect alternative to the traditional ways of hernia  treatment, there have been numerous adverse reports associated with it.

The most common complications reported to the FDA include:

  • Pain in the neighboring region of the hernia
  • Severe yeast infection
  • Recurrence or relapse of hernia
  • Adhesion of the mesh
  • Obstruction in the bowel or intestinal region
  • Perforation of the organs

Hernia Surgery Recovery

A healthy lifestyle and dietary habit is equally important apart from the medicines to help to prevent the chance of recurrence of hernia. To help fasten the surgery recovery time and get hernia pain relief, here are a few tips the patients can follow:

  • Keep a pillow within reach to use it whenever it feels
  • Wear a little extra sized cloth or expandable attires to avoid restriction around the operated area
  • Take stool softener before and after surgery so to avoid any strain while having a bowel movement
  • Practice walking and moving straight and upright
  • Avoid lifting all sorts of heavy items


The following brands have been tagged with allegations of introducing potentially harmful devices by hiding the potentially harmful side effects linked with them:

  • Ethicon
  • C-Qur
  • Atrium
  • Physiomesh

If you might have been victim to the faulty mesh implant and are looking for hernia pain relief, speak to your health provider first to understand what complications are causing you the pain. Do not ignore any symptom of unnecessary bleeding or infection as they can be from the mesh implant.


Complications That Can Occur After Hernia Surgery.

woman sitting on the bed with pain
Young woman sitting on the bed with pain

When fatty tissue squeezes through a weak spot, a hernia occurs. Massive pain during a hernia is very common. Though in most of the cases, doctors suggest operating it but in most of the cases, it fails to offer the desired solution.  To support the surrounding tissue and lower the possibilities of a hernia recurrence, a mesh-like device, called hernia mesh is implanted in the body.

In most of the cases, the patients suffer from pain after hernia surgery. The medical device is made of polypropylene – a synthetic plastic. Due to the low-quality of the device or for the wrong procedure during the surgery, patients generally, suffer from pain. Other complications also include adhesion, bowel obstruction, migration, bowel perforation and many more. As your body is not able to cope up with the device, these kinds of complications occur.

It is the duty of the manufacturing company to make patients and doctors aware of the ill-effects as they have not taken such initiatives, you can take a step against them by filing a lawsuit. If you are worried who will take the legal responsibility, hire experienced professionals.

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